Glasgow Open House Arts Festival

Go West

The project that I developed in January in Athens, had a continuation in Scotland. It was presented in May, during Glasgow Open House Arts Festival.

Prints of dominoes games were treated as symbolical maps of players' migration.

The audience had to gain entry to the exhibition by playing dice (mimicking the randomness of border controls and visa applications). 

Yasmin was helping me to run the show. We played dominoes with participants, but unbeknown to them, we always played in the direction of west. As a result the shape of the game was dictated by their directional choices. In this game for example the player (on the left), was constantly moving south.

An example of one of the dominoes/migrations.

Information about the place and year of the player's birth, as well as everywhere they have lived, was written under each print. In some cases, the number of turns that they (unconsciously) took in the game, mimicked their life.

After forty-two games played (both in Athens and Glasgow), some interesting patterns and connections could be discovered. This formed basis for discussions in the spirit of faked anthropology