Marcin Knyziak

Glasgow Open House Arts Festival

Go West

The project that I developed in January in Athens, had a continuation in Scotland. It was presented in May, during Glasgow Open House Arts Festival.

Prints of dominoes games were treated as symbolical maps of players' migration.

The audience had to gain entry to the exhibition by playing dice (mimicking the randomness of border controls and visa applications). 

Yasmin was helping me to run the show. We played dominoes with participants, but unbeknown to them, we always played in the direction of west. As a result the shape of the game was dictated by their directional choices. In this game for example the player (on the left), was constantly moving south.

An example of one of the dominoes/migrations.

Information about the place and year of the player's birth, as well as everywhere they have lived, was written under each print. In some cases, the number of turns that they (unconsciously) took in the game, mimicked their life.

After forty-two games played (both in Athens and Glasgow), some interesting patterns and connections could be discovered. This formed basis for discussions in the spirit of faked anthropology

Athens, metamatic.taf

Go West

I played dominoes with people and treated the output of the game as a symbolic map of their migration. I also made pseudo-sociological observations based on similarities between the games. Project was realised with kind support of Creative Scotland.

The show was hosted between 7-24 February 2017, at metamatic.taf in Athens.

The gallery, located on the 1st floor, was open from 1PM to 9PM every day.

A '3D' video installation was running in one of the rooms and could be watched by peeping through the window. It showed in a light-hearted way how people change when they cross the border.


Yes! But no...

A final presentation of work done during one month Artist Residency on the island of Madeira. Event consisted of twenty minutes blindfolded walk, and twenty minutes sound performance. A set of stereo speakers played sounds of Scottish independence referendum, creating a political background, while an additional mobile loudspeaker was carried around providing personal narratives. The performance was an attempt at linking love with politics. Below, a short video documenting the event.

Photo by Jelena Mijić

We've made it to the listenings page in The Wire.




Belgrade, Bike Kitchen at Urban Incubator

In the autumn of 2015 I took a part in Sound Development Project, organised by Heller Enterprises team from Zurich.

My first piece during that project was a sound intervention. The work was inspired by few visits to Orthodox Church and bike workshop. The event lasted twenty minutes and was my first venture outside the medium of film. Below you can find a short video documentation of it. 

Photo by Nicholas Schärer.

Divine Liturgy for Broken Bicycles

Sound Development City

A great description of my practice written during three-week artist expedition


You Hear … You Listen …

Expedition Observation by Uwe Lützen


Imagine you sit, say, on a park bench. You look down because some pigeons are gathering curiously around your feet. You see how they come closer, like they expect you to drop some food as so many obviously did sitting on that bench before you. The pigeons’ soft, cooing sounds create a smooth atmosphere. Now imagine there suddenly is a voice behind you. Some determined male voice. It doesn’t matter what he says. It might even be some language you don’t understand. Still, its presence makes you want to turn your head. — Only, you can’t. Your gaze stays with the pigeons around your feet. It’s as if it were a fixed camera angle. Imagine it is. You start focussing on that voice, its tonality, its mood … What would the character behind that voice be like? What would he look like? And as you focus, the pigeons around your feet fade from your attention. Like when dusk slowly turns the world around you to black. Along with the male voice, there is also a female voice. They chat. They seem to be acquainted. Friendly. Intimate even. Other sounds join in. A waiter collects his change … A scooter passes by … A baby is whining … The wind in the trees … As if every sound that enters shares the same stage. And they might pass quickly or linger a bit. However, they always carry some story, event or secret in them. The mind completes what is happening. Still, it’s not fiction, nor is it documenting the sounds alone. … You hear — you listen … the story continues outside your field of vision. It grows bigger than your gaze. Even outside the space you are sitting in. Once you find the right spot and you have the patience, the world will tell you a story. Marcin spends his time recording the sounds that happen around us every day. He waits for something to happen … he records every day sounds. Once woven together, these acoustic impressions will make experiences that suggest some kind of story. His sounds(capes) of Belgrade and Athens will serve as a backdrop for his future projects — that will also include films.


The piece comes from a book published in Zurich in 2016. Full chapter is available here:


And here's an audio interview, in which I discuss my sound art with Sound Development City team.

Athens – Waiting for something to happen…

My final presentation for a Sound Development City project in Athens. The audience was blindfolded and guided through the city to Fabrica Theatre, where the presentation was to take place.

The form developed naturally. A set of stereo speakers was playing recordings from Balkans, which gradually faded from one to another, creating an immersive sound environment. An additional mobile loudspeaker provided a narrative element. This could be carried anywhere from the back of the stage, to right next to the listeners’ ears. The changing distance created a physical third-dimension. The content gave participants threads for potential stories.

Back at Synergy-o Art Complex, a hundred ping-pong balls were dropped down the stairwell in an ephemeral gesture concluding the three weeks spent together.
Photos by Dimitris Polymenopoulos.

Waiting for something to happen...

Athens, sound intervention

Berlinale Talents

I have been invited to attend Berlinale Talents campus, as one of few sound designers and composers from around the world. This was only a second edition of the program. Apart from masterclasses with top sound designers and dialogue editors, we enjoyed a Dolby Atmos workshop and a spatial sound presentation (coming to the cinemas near you in the next ten years ;) Below photo from one of the events.